Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I love facebook. I admit it and embrace it. In fact most of the people reading this are reading it on facebook. If you are you should check out my actual blog ( because I just put up a new banner (which I will probably edit again soon...where was I?)...Oh yeah, I love facebook! On facebook friends such as Craftster send me ideas like this one: right to my home feed. Seemed like a perfect way to use up more of my stash of supplies. So Lucy has a new pair of slippers. A couple of things if you want to make a pair yourself: I used faux suede on the bottoms for slip resistance and durability and next time I will round out the toe portion more, rather than tracing the exact shape of her foot. But they were really quick and easy including making the pattern.

The star wreath is inspired by my new favorite blog ever. I used the same colors as her example (but with more papers from my stash-I may actually get through it) but made my wreath smaller (I cut my own form and the biggest piece of matte board that I had was 12" wide). I also skipped the background stars (smaller wreath). I cut my stars with the crcuit that has gathered dust since I got it (basic shapes cartridge size 5.5 and 5).

Now here is the problem with all this wonderful inspiration: one blog leads to another and another and another until I have so many great ideas overwhelming me that I just need to go for a run and forget about being creative for a while. Maybe that's not a problem. I will need to redo my blog links list though ;)

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