Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am still out there

Last night I looked through some of our older scrapbooks and realized how much I missed creating and doing my artsy stuff. Only 40 days until Ironman then I can add some of that back in to my life. I have been keeping busy though. So far this year I've done the Goofy Challenge in Florida (The walt Disney World Marathon and Half Marathon done on back to back days), the Snake River 1/2 Marathon (new PR of 1:50:17), the St. Paddy's Five Miler(another Personal Record for me at 40:50), The Spokane River Run 25k trail run (2:28:03-considerably better than last year's 2:48:56), The Lilac Century (my first 100 mile bike ride), and the Windermere Marathon (another PR at 4:14:17 -adjusted to the full distance ...there was a glitch but I did the whole 26.2 and much faster than my old 4:40:01 time. Plus we ran/walked this one-thank you Jeff Galloway!). another huge thanks to David (Eric) for his support and encouragement and for training with me through much of this. Next up: Onion Man Olympic distance tri in Walla Walla. And maybe I'll get going on an art journal or something that interests my crafty friends :).