Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Ironman World Championships and TRX

This is the 2010 Hawaii Ironman Commemorative edition of Lava Magazine (December/January 2010). Significant because tomorrow is the official broadcast on NBC. Its the triathlete's superbowl, our world championship. I'm very excited to see it even though I know how it ends (no spoilers for those who weren't glued to a computer in October when it actually happened :).

This issue is actually even more significant to me because it also has an article on Function Strength (p.106) that is mostly about TRX. A little over a year ago I became a group fitness instructor at the Y and a certified TRX instructor. I taught and worked out on the TRX throughout my Ironman training last year and was delighted to see my run, bike and swim times drop as my core strength and muscle fitness increased. Even better than that was watching people who came regularly to my classes but weren't doing the long ironman workouts that I was, have great results, especially in core strength, from just the TRX. Being able to help people function better in their day to day lives, to not get as tired, to have better posture and less pain, to drop extra mass and gain extra energy is the BEST part of my job and TRX has been a big part of being able to do my job effectively. If you want to check it out please follow this link . If you want to try it out you can come to one of my classes, Tues at 10:50 at the central Y or Fri (that's TODAY)at 4:00 and at 5:15 at the north Y-the times of these change slightly in January. If you can't make it to one of these, try one of the other great Y instructors .

More crafty type stuff coming soon (cards, jewellery, baby presents... :)

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