Monday, March 24, 2008

It has been way too long since I blogged. I keep thinking that I'll have time to do a "perfect post" and so I put it off. Well now I'm just going to post. Here are some pictures of the bathroom that we just redid. Its very exciting to be able to take a bath downstairs. One fun thing I will point out is that the floor tiles (20" porcelain, made in Italy) only cost $36. Total. We found them at the Habitat for Humanity Builders Surplus Store. Its a great way to save money and keep excess building materials out of landfills and raise money for a great cause. It works sort of like a thrift store for building stuff: Builders and contracters (and regular people) donate items and people buy them at a discount. The money goes towards building Habitat houses in the community. Good deal, no?
Another exciting thing is that I've been trying out a raw vegan way of eating lately. I feel soooo good when I eat this way. Plus i can eat as much as I want and my thyroid has completely shrunk down to a normal size. and bonus: I've lost some weight (not telling how much yet ;) ). My favorite part is how energized that I feel! With the hypothyroidism I haven't felt energized in years, this is so cool I not even (very) tempted to cheat. The food is really good too! I'll post recipes soon.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Perfect Day!

This was my Question of The Day at Go Scrapping What would your perfect scrapbooking day be? Mine would be this: In the morning, while I'm fresh and creative I get to work on a project that turns out beautifully and that I've wanted to do for a while and that I can teach as a class. I talk to my sisters and find out Nancy is coming out to visit ! In the afternoon the mail comes and in it is the complimentary issues of Paper Crafts that come when you have something published with them (and the card they pubbed returned). I check my email before I head out to do fun scrapbook related errands and in my in box would be an email from Scrapbook Trends saying that they want the two page LO that I submitted for their vacation idea book. (Yipee) I stop by my LSS and drop off my class samples where they are ooohed and aahed over and people sign up before I leave the store. After that I head over to a different LSS and get to take a class from a famous and talented scrapbooker such as oh, let's say Donna Downey . I come home and post on my favorite message board about my fabulous day and Life is great!

That Actually Happened!!!!! I'll post pictures to prove it.

See! That's me with Donna who is hilarious and incredibly talented I cannot wait for her new book "scrapbooking with Fabric" (due out april 1st). (and "Designing Layouts" due at the same time but fabric is my first love :D ) In honor of that I'll post my favorite fabric scrapbook that I made.

:D Nicole

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Two Year Olds

I have five kids so you'd think I'd have the "Mom thing" down. Right? well having a two year old while the rest are in school is like having only one child again (which I think is ten times harder than having two or three :D ). Its turning out to be a challenge, that is leaving me with a messy house and my scrapbooking undone. On the plus side I always having a willing model for photos and he's plenty cute and entertaining. Here are some more of this month's design team projects:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cardvaarks Micro Challenge

I decided to do a card for a micro challenge on Cardvaarks . Of course I've only got a few minutes to load and link before it ends (nothing like last minute to get those creative juices flowing!) So here it is! The flower petals are Inque Boutique and the boots and sentiment are Penguin Pants stamps. the challenge was to just say "NO" to patterned paper. Hard one for me, but I like the graphic simple look of this one. ;)


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Its March!

Yipee! I feel like spring is in sight.

Karen from Go Scrapping has asked me to be the guest design Team member for this month. I'm honored and was delighted with the fun goodies she sent me to work with.

This is Luke and Lucy hand washing the dishes (which we rarely do since we have a dishwasher). I thought it was so funny how they kept giving each other instructions. Its kind of amazing how life changes from one generation to the next. I washed dishes everyday growing up and for my kids its a fun treat of an activity. :D