Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Did everyone see this? Looks like fun, I'm going to try it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Baby is Potty Trained (mostly)

So there is a funny (ironic) story attached to this. On the second day of no more diapers Miles was sitting on the potty and I had given him a couple of M&Ms as a reward and left for a second to close and start the dishwasher (what I was doing when got that look on his face). I heard a bloodcurdling screech from the bathroom and ran back in to see what was wrong. He was crying and holding his finger and hugging it to his belly. He doesn't speak very clearly yet. I was pretty sure he was saying "eat me!" but that didn't seem quite right. I wondered if he had bitten his own finger in his quest to shove the usually forbidden chocolate in too quickly. Nope, no teeth marks. Just swelling (huh swelling? My mom alarms are really sounding now). The boy is hysterically trying to communicate that something ate him at this point (and pointing to his privates-odd?). So I take him off the toilet (brilliant right?) and notice a big welt on his tummy where he had been cradling the sore finger. My first thought was a spider since I'm paranoid about black widows and brown recluses but my little guy was now pointing into the toilet (not at his privates after all) and yelling "eat me!". I look and there is a twitching wasp drowning in a bowl of pee. Seems like a just end to a creature who would attack a vulnerable little kid with his pants down. I let Miles have the honor of flushing the striped villian away. It was a whole day before he would use the big toilet again and only the downstairs one at that. But I am happy to report that despite this traumatic set-back potty training is going great and the stings (on finger and belly) are just a distant memory.

Here is a page I did (actually not related to potty training, but more based on how I'm a little sad not to have a "baby"anymore) with some of the gorgeous new "Isn't It Rommantic" papers from Inque Boutique and of course Inque Boutique stamps.