Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 6 Another Snowman

I'm completely addicted to these little guys now. A friend of mine collects snowmen and has a January birthday (and doesn't read blogs) so this guy will probably be for her.A little tip: when painting and altering boxes, if your lid sticks and is hard to get on and off, rub some microglaze (Judikins) on the inside edge of the lid. Its a kind of wax and it works great.


Nancy said...

He's so sweet!! Wish I had a January birtday!! ;D

jenn said...

Awesome! I'm loving the snowmen!

Kathleen Summers said...

Your snowmen are so stinkin cute!! Love 'em! You have a sweet blog too. Love the bits about your kids (crafts and Santa - so cute!)

And thanks for stopping by my blog, dear!


Shere said...

Adorable. I love snowmen and these rock. TFS