Monday, November 28, 2011

Its Beginning to look...well you know

My first christmas craft of this year is altered house blocks.  I used scrap lumber which I marked with a t-square then trimmed using a chop saw (fast but not safe for the angles, a jig saw would have been better).  I then sanded the pieces with a belt sander because I wanted square (not rounded) corners.  I used PVA glue to attach patterned paper to all sides and trimmed the paper with an emery board (this also seals the edges).  As I did this I smoothed the paper with a bone folder to get out any bubbles and bumps.  Once I had the paper on I decorated the blocks with vintage family photos (my granmother-in-law and her sisters) and letters that I cut out with my cricut (second time I've used it in three years :P ).  Buttons, ribbons, and mica flakes finished them off.  I hope to post a few more things that I've been working on soon but for now thanks for stopping by, if you were inspired to try a project like this I hope that you will link it up in the comments.

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