Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

So first the cards: Yes it is passed halloween and they aren't relevant anymore but I like them so I'm posting them. stamps are from the greeting Farm and everything else is years old since I'm using up my stash and not buying anything until it can fit.

I made costumes as always and mostly enjoyed it. I frankensteined a bunch of patterns together and even drafted some parts from scratch and managed to get a reasonable facsimilie of a Beaux Batons student (from Harry Potter 4) and a pretty good fairy. Miles got to be a ninja which he loved and still plans to have a his future career. Not sure how I feel about my child wanting to be a secret assasin but we're hopeful that a position will open up with the city of Spokane ;). Max's zombie clown scared the pants off several people and Luke was his usual quirky self when he said "Mom I want to make things easy for you; I'll just be super me."

It was a pretty fun weekend, Lucy's "blue girl" :P won the best costume at one party and on Halloween night they all got more candy than they could possibly consume in any reasonable amout of time.

we are into November now (happy anniversary to my Mom and stepdad today-28 years I think). The holidays are fast approaching and 2012 is right around the corner. I looking towards the races that I want to complete and goals realated to them but enjoying a little time off of the heavy stuff.

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