Monday, March 24, 2008

It has been way too long since I blogged. I keep thinking that I'll have time to do a "perfect post" and so I put it off. Well now I'm just going to post. Here are some pictures of the bathroom that we just redid. Its very exciting to be able to take a bath downstairs. One fun thing I will point out is that the floor tiles (20" porcelain, made in Italy) only cost $36. Total. We found them at the Habitat for Humanity Builders Surplus Store. Its a great way to save money and keep excess building materials out of landfills and raise money for a great cause. It works sort of like a thrift store for building stuff: Builders and contracters (and regular people) donate items and people buy them at a discount. The money goes towards building Habitat houses in the community. Good deal, no?
Another exciting thing is that I've been trying out a raw vegan way of eating lately. I feel soooo good when I eat this way. Plus i can eat as much as I want and my thyroid has completely shrunk down to a normal size. and bonus: I've lost some weight (not telling how much yet ;) ). My favorite part is how energized that I feel! With the hypothyroidism I haven't felt energized in years, this is so cool I not even (very) tempted to cheat. The food is really good too! I'll post recipes soon.


Laurie & Chris said...

kyI love the tiles!! That sounds like a pretty cool store! I wish they had one around here.

Karen said...

Bathroom looks great! We have a Habitat Re-Store here and I have to keep remembering to go there first! You never know what you are going to find.

Still keeping RAW? Glad you are feeling good.

I tagged you on my blog. Hope you don't mind. Maybe get you posting again :) Have fun in Canada -- or are you "home".