Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Baking with Power Tools

Today (well really yesterday since its taking my images so long to load)was Miles' 3rd birthday. I have this weird thing where I can't seem to see around the corner from month to month. What that means is that the kids who have a birthday at the very begining of the month kind of don't get a "planned" birthday celebration. I don't keep track of days very well and things at the begining of the month sort of sneak up. But I balance that with quick thinking and MacGyver-like ingenuity. Case in point: I made Miles' cupcakes this morning and was feeling great about remembering to have powdered sugar and butter etc on hand for the frosting. However when I went to mix the frosting I found that my eight year old Kitchen Aid stand mixer was not working right. I couldn't get it to turn. The motor worked, the beater just wouldn't go around. So (its not under warrenty anymore) I took it apart. I found the problem (with some wonderful help from my husband) but the parts store is closed on Mondays and I needed frosting ASAP. (Not that yucky store bought kind, either. I have my standards. Even though I don't even eat sugar anymore).

Since I am so rescourceful :p I solved my problem. With a power drill, a paddle mixer, and some sanitary covering (a double layer of freezer baggies). The cupcakes turned out great (I may have had a small taste).

Miles had a great time. He fell asleep at lunch time and when the kids got home from school I conned *ahem* encouraged them into making it "birthday world" in the house for when he woke up. I think it was pretty cute for such limited planning. I did borrow an idea from the always inspiring Linda Albrecht. I loved her idea for the flags on the strings of mini lights. I was a bit short of time for my version but Miles really loved it anyway.

We had a really fun day, hope that you did too,


Karen said...

very resourceful Nicole! eheh... love it

Nancy said...

Definitely MacGyver-like, love the quick thinking, and looks like he hed a great Birthday!

Karen.Cooper said...

Great Birthday Party wish i could have been there. Don't sweat the small stuff.Desperation is the mother of invention. Good job.

Laurie & Chris said...

I love the way you were rescourceful!! It looks like everything turned out just fine.